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Free 2023 Recycling Cartoon Calendar

Free 2023 Recycling Calendar Download – Sponsored by Depackaging Company

Our free 2023 Recycling Calendar is a download of 2 pdfs (cover and inner pages), produced jointly between us and Drycake our sponsor. For those that would prefer not to print it out themselves, there is a hard copy version that is available on the LuLu publishing website (all links are provided below.)

Cartoon: That's how much recyclable I get from my depackager.
One of the cartoons included in the 2023 recycling calendar.

Press Release:

Drycake Twister Releases Free 2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar

Drycake Twister today released a free gift “2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar”. The month-in-view wall calendar can be downloaded at no cost, at www.anaerobic-digestion.com/calendar

Surrey, Canada – December 1, 2022 — Drycake Twister has today released a free Calendar titled: “2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar”. This new calendar aims to give recycling business managers a humorous cartoon each month to print out and hang on their office walls. The artist has been inspired by AI graphics to produce a set of cartoons that are off-beat, and sometimes black in humor. The sponsoring company Drycake Twister and creator Steve Last hope it will bring amusement to the growing food and organic waste reprocessing industry throughout 2023.

2023 Recycling Calendar preview cartoon:
A preview of one of the cartoons in the 2023 Recycling Calendar.

The 2023 Recycling Calendar has been made openly available and at no cost, by Drycake. It’s available to the general public, thought leaders within the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) market, and anyone with interest in a Free 2023 Recycling Calendar.

A paid-for version is also available which may be purchased as a hard-copy traditional wall calendar from the LuLu Book and Ebook company.

The report was also written with a specific focus on Business Managers and Plant Operators in Organic Waste Processing from Food Waste Processors to anaerobic digestion plant operators.

Steve Last (IPPTS Associates) and Mark Vanderbeken (Drycake Twister), creators of the calendar, believe that:

“the waste recycling market is at a crucial point in its vital role of raising recycling rates, reducing the use of resources, and diverting waste away from landfill and up the waste hierarchy chain”.

The goal of the waste management sector is not only to decarbonize the sector as a whole but also to reduce the use of finite primary resources and business-related greenhouse gas emissions.

This calendar aims to encourage the use of more efficient equipment for recycling organic waste, both for the industry's use of pulp, or organic soup, in the production of biogas and for recycling what is referred to as the “rejects” from depackaging and separation equipment for organic waste.

This involves consistently recycling polymers in food waste, including plastic film, for the first time.

By using comedy, the sponsor also intends to illustrate how household/curbside collection of food waste may actually result in net cost savings for ratepayers as well as a thriving industry of sustainable, lucrative waste reprocessing companies.

When asked about why they released the 2023 Recycling Calendar at this time, Mark Vanderbeken, Chairman at Drycake, said:

“The best depackaging machines can mean the difference between food waste being a liability on a waste processing/ recycling business to a substantial revenue generator now that landfill disposal charges exceed $100/tonne in many countries and yet more are moving toward banning organic waste to landfill entirely.”

Interested parties can find the report ready to download (pdf files), for free, at https://anaerobic-digestion.com/calendar

Drycake was founded in 1995 and Mark is the business founder and Twister Patent holder within the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) Industry.

The company is best known for being small enough to genuinely care about each client while also offering tried-and-true, super-reliable equipment from a full product line created exclusively to serve the organics processing (recycling) industry and biogas plant operators.

2023 Recycling Calendar preview image: "Did you say you sent me RDF?"
One of the images included in the 2023 recycling calendar.

It had the ability to create this free 2023 Recycling (and Depackaging) Industry Cartoon Calendar thanks to its distinct position within its industry. The innovative Twister technique, which has cost thousands to create, employs a vertical rotating spindle, water, and air to knock, bash, and spin-clean the non-food waste present in all sources of segregated organic waste in a single small unit without shredding and pounding.

This prevents the creation of small plastics (such as microplastic particles) and allows for the almost complete ejection of packaging, bottles, cans, and other recyclables, which makes the following sorting of the rejects much simpler.

The Twister unit simultaneously strains the organic material (pulp), which outputs the ideal water content for the anaerobic digestion sector to feed into their digesters. Operators of anaerobic digestion facilities highly value this quality biogas digester feedstock.

Since 2021, there have been many changes, including a sharp increase in energy prices. As a high calorific, high biogas-producing diet for the methane-producing digester bio-organisms, AD-plant-ready organic pulp has seen its value climb from being a cost (for “gate-fee disposal”) to having a value of roughly $20/tonne (for example in the UK). As a result, depackaging equipment now has a quicker ROI.

Preview of a monthly cartoon in the 2023 Recycling Calendar
Preview of a monthly cartoon in the 2023 Recycling Calendar

The 2023 Recycling Calendar is a wall calendar is intended to provide recycling company managers and AD plant operators with a lighthearted cartoon each month by printing it off and displaying it on their workplace walls. A certain amount of insane humour can lift the spirits of most people and make each day a little bit more bearable in a time of such uncertainty globally.

It provides the reader with useful information that may ultimately help them. Nothing makes a day better than a smile or even just a belly laugh! But without the more than 25 years spent in the Waste Processing Equipment Engineering (Depackager Organic Separator) industry, neither this understanding nor the points presented would be nearly as powerful.

More information on Drycake Twister can be found at https://www.twisterseparator.com/

The printable files for the “2023 Recycling Industry Cartoon Calendar” can be downloaded here.

Why Give Away a 2023 Office Calendar?

Whether you're giving calendars as gifts or using them as a sales tool, hard-copy wall, and desktop calendars are an effective way to make your company more visible and stay on top of your customer's minds for the next time they need to make a purchase.

People do appreciate that, even in these days of online convenience, they are still a good way to stay on top of important dates and can be given to anyone you need to reach out to.

In fact, 60% of consumers would purchase a calendar if they weren't given one. If you're not sure what kind of calendar is best for you, try using an online search engine tool to help you find the best one for your business.

 Email Steve Last at steve@ippts.com if you would like a quote for producing a unique and branded calendar for your company.

Using calendars in any business is a great way to help staff stay on top of important dates and stay organized. Many people find them enjoyable and when cartoon humor is present it can be a great way to keep people feeling just a bit happier.

A company calendar is also a great way to make your company stand out among the competition. If you're looking for something more in-depth than a traditional calendar, Google and Apple both offer more functionality.

Online Calendars

A Google Calendar gives users the opportunity to create recurring events, add requests from other people, and send faxes over the Internet. The calendar also features the ability to add photos, shorthand, and categories. However, it doesn't offer quite as much customization as the competing app from Microsoft, that being the Office 365 calendar. Rather than a long list of ribbons and options, Google Calendar users will find that they can set up calendars the way they want them to look.

The Office 365 calendar is included in the suite of Office applications, but it's also available on the web. This means that people can look at your calendar from their desktop or mobile device, and you can send daily agendas to people using Outlook. You can also customize your calendar's theme. The Web calendar is also free.

There are a few ways to use the Office 365 calendar. One way to use the calendar is to send greetings to people you're trying to reach. You can also use the calendar as a backup for your business cards. You can include a link to an HTML version of the calendar in your emails. You can also share the calendar on Facebook or Twitter.

But, after all, you always have to be online and logged in to a device to see any online app. A physical hard copy calendar remains incredibly useful, and will always get people's eyeballs when they see a comic cartoon!

Why a Wall Calendar is One of the Best Ways to Promote any Business

One way for a recycling company to use the calendar is to give it to existing clients and to potential buyers for display in their offices. Wall calendars are a great gift for employees, and they can help motivate your team to be on time and maintain schedules for a full 12 months.

They can also be a great trade show or conference giveaway. They may also be used to remind leads of sponsors and sponsors' upcoming events. This can help their sales team remember important dates for the future.

The 2023 Recycling Calendar/ Depackaging Calendar Can be a Budget-friendly Gift

A calendar is also a great way to promote your business, especially if you're looking for a budget-friendly solution. Using a traditional paper calendar is easy, but you can also get reusable calendars in a variety of styles. They can also be printed on demand, which makes them easy to personalize.

Sign up & Download Your Free 2023 Calendar Here! I Don't Want to Print it Myself – Buy the 2023 Recycling Calendar Here!

Note: Lulu may warn you that the publication is “explicit content”. Be reassured that there is no profanity nor is any person other than well-clothed!

Also at: www.digitaljournal.com

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