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Featured image for the article about electro-anaerobic digestion.

What Is Electro-Anaerobic Digestion? A Guide to New Research in Methane Generation

Have you ever wondered what happens to food scraps, animal manure, and other organic waste? Traditional methods like composting and landfilling often result in greenhouse gas emissions and wasted energy, so many governments now encourage local authorities and businesses to send this waste to anaerobic digestion facilities. However, a newer method that builds upon current […]

An infographic about the UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026.

The UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026

Worried about the impact of methane on our planet? If so, this article will interest you because we have news for you that the UK Methane Action Plan 2024–2026 is a start at taking action. Methane emissions are a big problem, contributing to global warming. Methane emissions are much lower than CO2, but a lot more […]

A farmer tends to livestock in a wheat field near a natural gas facility, showing harmony with nature.

Methane vs CO2 As Greenhouse Gases: Why 30x or 80x The Climate Impact?

Methane vs CO2: Greenhouse gases like methane and CO2 trap heat in our atmosphere. Everyone now recognises that methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, even more potent than CO2. So why do some say methane creates 30 times more warming than others who say 80 times? So, which is right? The answer is simply that […]

10 Anaerobic Digestion Facts featured image.

10 Facts About Anaerobic Digestion: Unlocking the Power of Waste

Read on for our list of 10 true facts about anaerobic digestion and transforming trash into treasure. We “air” a topic about a process that surprisingly doesn’t need air (oxygen); in fact, the truly anaerobic microorganisms that do the work die if exposed to air! and would be just as happy on the moon. Imagine […]

Featured image text: "What is methane stripping of landfill leachate".

What is Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate?

Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate refers to the removal of dissolved methane from landfill leachate before it is directly pumped into a public sewer. If the methane dissolved in leachate was allowed to enter the sewers, it may be present in sufficient concentrations to cause an explosion and/or asphyxiation risk within the sewer into which […]

Image text: "12 Biogas Generator Types".

12 Biogas Generator Types

Here is our list of 12 Biogas Generator types where we use the word generator as the means by which biogas is generated or created. Some use the word generator to mean an electricity generator powered by biogas, but that’s not how we interpret the word “generator” here. In Europe and increasingly in the US, […]

Image text: "Biomethane Plant Advantages".

Biomethane Plant Advantages – The Growth in Biogas Upgrading Purification

There is a biomethane plant biogas upgrading purification revolution taking place. The advantages of biomethane are so great that most new anaerobic digestion plants throughout Europe, no longer export electricity. They sell biomethane instead. Instead, they take biogas production one stage further. They make their raw biogas as near clean as makes no difference by […]

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