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Sealwall tank panels from Whites Concrete for new AD plant

Hydrophilic Jointed “Sealwall” Tanks Better Than Other Precast-Concrete or Steel, Say Whites Concrete

Whites recommend the use of their Liquid Holding Tanks and in particular their Hydrophilic Jointed “Sealwall” Tanks as being better than steel, and even better than other jointing methods. After intensive in-house development, they point out that their Sealwall precast wall unit system is a robust, precast solution for storing water.

It has all the benefits of a highly efficient innovative wall sealing system.

They also proudly identify one of the winning features of the Sealwall tank product, which is that they work perfectly without the need for in-situ concrete make-up pieces, which come with a long list of disadvantages when fitted.

Whites Concrete new elliptical Sealwall tanks

Sealwall Tanks

The white's concrete tank storage product provides cast in-segmental units up to a storage height of 4m. Additionally, Whites Sealwall liquid holding tanks can be situated above or below ground and be positioned within square, rectangular, oval or circular, arrangements.

Whites Sealwall liquid holding tanks, are one of their elite products and have undergone years of research and development.

They are now in use and have been developed to the point of being a robust, precast solution for storing water. This is all done without the need for in-situ concrete make-up pieces.

Cast in segmental units up to a storage height of 4m, Sealwall liquid holding tanks can be situated above or below ground and be positioned in square, rectangular or circular arrangements.

Their liquid holding tanks really do have a unique jointing system that ensures a watertight and secure connection between adjacent panels. Meeting the stringent requirements of both BS 8007 and EC2, our Sealwall liquid holding tanks are ideal for biogas plant use.

They also point to the following case study as evidence of the quality and benefits of using their Sealwall Biogas Tank System to build anaerobic digestion plants.

Whites Concrete Go Round And Rectangular With Two New Tanks For Farm AD Plant

Sealwall tank panels from Whites Concrete for new AD plant

Whites Concrete has assisted with the installation of two new Sealwall anaerobic digestion tanks for a farm-based anaerobic digestion plant in the West Midlands.

The first, a circular tank of almost 36m in diameter and a height of 4.3m, was built using 94 pre-cast concrete panels as a pre-treatment tank for agri-based feedstock.

The second, a rectangular tank, is 63m in length, and 8.4m wide, also with a height of 4.3m – was made up of 136 pre-cast concrete panels and put into operation as the main treatment tank.

Each of Whites Concrete’s Sealwall tank units is jointed using a tried and tested compressible hydrophilic jointing method. Steel fixings hold the precast units together, making a visibly robust system.

The wall units for all Sealwall tanks are factory-cast to very high-quality standards and designed to the exacting requirements of the Water Retaining Concrete Code of Practice BS8007, and Eurocode EC 1992.

In addition to its pre-cast panels for AD plants, Whites Concrete also supplies its panels for Silage Clamps, including, for example, at Northern Crop Driers, where the storage of 6,000 tonnes of silage for AD feedstock was required.

Whites Concrete were called upon to create a design that would use the space to full effect, keeping silage dry and clean whilst ensuring that load demands would meet the bulk density.

Phone: 01226 320 812
Whaley Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 1HT

[Article originally posted in August 2016. Updated January 2022.]

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