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An infographic about the UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026.

The UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026

Worried about the impact of methane on our planet? If so, this article will interest you because we have news for you that the UK Methane Action Plan 2024–2026 is a start at taking action. Methane emissions are a big problem, contributing to global warming. Methane emissions are much lower than CO2, but a lot more […]

A farmer tends to livestock in a wheat field near a natural gas facility, showing harmony with nature.

Methane vs CO2 As Greenhouse Gases: Why 30x or 80x The Climate Impact?

Methane vs CO2: Greenhouse gases like methane and CO2 trap heat in our atmosphere. Everyone now recognises that methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, even more potent than CO2. So why do some say methane creates 30 times more warming than others who say 80 times? So, which is right? The answer is simply that […]

Image text: " How to Reduce Methane Emissions".

How to Reduce Methane Emissions – Using Agricultural and Waste Biogas

The question of how to reduce methane emissions is an important one. It is not fully appreciated that the science shows that the ONLY way to meet global temperature rise targets is to drastically reduce methane emissions now. This can be done by using tried and tested agricultural and waste sector biogas technology. No new […]

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