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Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion

Microplastic Contamination in Compost

Microplastic Contamination in Compost – Composted Green Waste vs Digestate

Microplastic contamination in compost is a problem now, and in geological timescales, all plastic in soils will be washed into the oceans leading to yet more microplastics in the oceans. But, which source of compost is worse for containing microplastic? Composted Green Waste or the Digestate from anaerobic digestion? In this article, we compare both. […]

Featured image for our article about Food Waste AD.

Food Waste AD – The Anaerobic Digestion of Inedible Food for Energy and Natural Fertiliser

Food Waste AD is the short way to refer to the anaerobic digestion of food waste. In other words, extracting energy from inedible food provides renewable energy and natural fertiliser while diverting environmentally damaging waste away from landfills. That encapsulates the core philosophy of the movement towards food waste AD. “It’s a crying same that […]

Ludlow AD Plant Biocycle Defra demonstrator project.

UK Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant – Historic 1st Ludlow Digester

In the UK Food Waste, Anaerobic Digestion Plant History began with the dedicated Food Waste AD Waste Technologies Demonstrator Plant, known as the Ludlow Digester, in Shropshire, UK. It was 2004 when the innovative Greenfinch biogas company designed and subsequently built and operated a government-funded plant, opened to process source-separated kitchen waste from council household […]

Daily Mail Food Waste Collection Slur featured image.

Daily Mail “Slopbuckets Farce” Food Waste Collection Slur 10 Years On

Yes. It is 10 years since the Daily Mail described separate food waste collection as a “Slopbuckets Farce”. And, we can now look back on 10 years of progress in anaerobic digestion technology and operation since we announced that: “WRAP Defends Anaerobic Digestion from “Slopbuckets Farce” Food Waste Collection Slur“. We said: WRAP Defended Anaerobic […]

Image text: "aste Autoclave pretreatment with Anaerobic Digestion".

Waste Autoclave Pretreatment with Anaerobic Digestion for Household Waste

Waste Autoclave pretreatment of residual household waste, and food waste, for all its undoubted advantages in increased biogas yield from the organic fraction, during subsequent anaerobic digestion, has met with a difficult period. The process now has a poor reputation for safety. Since we originally posted our article on this subject in May 2012, the […]

Anaerobic digestion of whey - Featured Image

Anaerobic Digestion of Whey – The Proven Biogas Technology Solution

Disposing of unwanted whey from commercial dairies, was once a considerable problem. But, that was before recent developments in the anaerobic digestion of whey and biogas plant technology. Instead of a problem whey which is not for any reason suitable for food production has become an asset. During the anaerobic digestion process microorganisms break down […]

Image has text: "Food Waste Recycling Machine Raises Purity to new level."

Food Waste Recycling Machine Raises Purity of Biogas Feed to a New Level

The modern Food Waste Recycling Machine is a new and innovative way to recycle food waste and to produce a pretreated biogas substrate. The machine can depackage food waste, separating it from other waste products. This makes it easier to recycle food waste and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill. The demand […]

Off-Site Anaerobic Digesters - No. 1 for Hotel Food Waste Disposal

Hotel Food Waste Disposal – Off-Site Anaerobic Digesters No. 1 Choice

In this article, we make the case for off-site anaerobic digesters as the most sustainable option for Hotel Food Waste disposal. The hotel industry is a critical part of the economy of many nations and its sustainability is critical to its future. Even as long ago as 2008, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) […]

Image text: "5 anaerobic digestion advantages".

5 Anaerobic Digestion Advantages UK Tory Ministers Should Not Ignore

History repeats itself as ADBA sends out a letter largely repeating at least 5 anaerobic digestion advantages UK Tory Ministers really should not ignore if they are serious about: complying with their own Net-Zero 2050 promises helping the nation cope with the current extremely high energy prices supporting UK food security and farming in general. […]

Image Text: How to Improve Sewage Sludge Treatment

How to Improve Sewage Sludge Treatment – A Water Industry AD Plant Performance Review

Anaerobic digestion has been shown to be the best technology for treating wastewater from sewage systems globally and is increasingly being used in sewage treatment. The properties of sludge can be modified during anaerobic digestion and produce biogas as a result of the treatment, as well as several positive effects on sludge management. Anaerobic digestion […]

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