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Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion

Image text: "The Cost of Anaerobic Digestion in the UK".

Cost of Anaerobic Digestion in the UK: WRAP Annual Gate Fees Report 2022

The cost of anaerobic digestion in the UK is reported for those seeking to operate their own biogas plants as below: Latest 2022 Annual WRAP Gate Fees Report Another indicator of the rising demand for food waste and the highly geographically variable degree of supply and demand in the market for anaerobic digestion for those […]

Featured Image: "Salmon fish waste biogas: Sustainable_Aquaculture."

Salmon Fish Waste Biogas: Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Aquaculture

Salmon Fish Waste Biogas is not a pleasant thought. But, undeniably, the fishing and fish cultivation industries necessarily produce a lot of organic waste. In particular salmon fish waste and fish waste in general was until recently simply thrown into landfills. Thankfully, that is not necessary any longer. Not since the development of fish waste […]

Image shows a new biogas advance in Romania. A pasteurizer made by Landia.

Landia Pasteurizers for ABP Pathogen Free Fertilizers & Soil Improvers

Are you a biogas plant operator accepting ABP waste and concerned about the spread of diseases through conventional fertilizers and soil improvers? Here’s a fact: Landia’s pasteurisers can create Animal By-products Regulations (ABP) – compliant pathogen-risk-free product outputs. This blog will offer insights into how these devices deactivate harmful organisms to ensure safe, high-quality soil improver and fertiliser products. […]

Image shows a man identifying the Borger salmon crusher.

Salmon Waste Management: The Borger MultiCrusher™ Salmon Crusher

The efficiency of salmon waste management is now improved by the installation of a Borger waste salmon “Multicrusher”. Situated in the midst of the Scottish Islands salmon fishery industry the efficiency and reliability of Borger’s equipment is vital to guarantee the correct shredding of waste salmon to meet environmental and food health security regulations. By […]

Food Waste in Wales: We are world class recyclers.

Food Waste in Wales: Top World Recycler Accolade for the Welsh

The story of food waste in Wales in recent years has become an inspiration to many in the waste industry in general and the biogas industry in particular. It is so good that the nation that has been described as “hating waste”, has become a world leader for its high rate of organic recycling, ranking […]

Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News - featured image.

Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News 2023: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

This post continues our tradition of providing an annual round-up of Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News, for 2023, this being a part of our policy of promoting sustainable solutions for all organic forms of waste treatment and disposal. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest news and developments surrounding anaerobic digestion […]

Microplastic Contamination in Compost

Microplastic Contamination in Compost – Composted Green Waste vs Digestate

Microplastic contamination in compost is a problem now, and in geological timescales, all plastic in soils will be washed into the oceans, leading to yet more microplastics in the oceans. But which source of compost is worse for containing microplastics? Composted green waste or the digestate from anaerobic digestion? In this article, we compare both. […]

Featured image for our article about Food Waste AD.

Food Waste AD – The Anaerobic Digestion of Inedible Food for Energy and Natural Fertiliser

Food Waste AD is the short way to refer to the anaerobic digestion of food waste. In other words, extracting energy from inedible food provides renewable energy and natural fertiliser while diverting environmentally damaging waste away from landfills. That encapsulates the core philosophy of the movement towards food waste AD. “It’s a crying same that […]

Ludlow AD Plant Biocycle Defra demonstrator project.

UK Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant – Historic 1st Ludlow Digester

In the UK Food Waste, Anaerobic Digestion Plant History began with the dedicated Food Waste AD Waste Technologies Demonstrator Plant, known as the Ludlow Digester, in Shropshire, UK. It was 2004 when the innovative Greenfinch biogas company designed and subsequently built and operated a government-funded plant, opened to process source-separated kitchen waste from council household […]

Daily Mail Food Waste Collection Slur featured image.

Daily Mail “Slopbuckets Farce” Food Waste Collection Slur 10 Years On

Yes. It is 10 years since the Daily Mail described separate food waste collection as a “Slopbuckets Farce”. And, we can now look back on 10 years of progress in anaerobic digestion technology and operation since we announced that: “WRAP Defends Anaerobic Digestion from “Slopbuckets Farce” Food Waste Collection Slur“. We said: WRAP Defended Anaerobic […]

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