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Anaerobic Digestion In Lithuania

Why write about anaerobic digestion In Lithuania? Many countries are wrestling with the challenge of finding sustainable energy sources and reducing waste. Lithuania, a country committed to eco-friendly solutions, is one of many countries looking at anaerobic digestion for biogas and biomethane production as a possible answer. But what exactly is anaerobic digestion? And how […]

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Biomethane Advantages and Disadvantages & Its Rapid Growth in the UK 2023-24

We promise an examination of biomethane its advantages and disadvantages—our honest view of its benefits and drawbacks. Looking for a way to tackle climate change? A rising number of people consider that biomethane might be part of the answer. This clean, renewable gas reduces greenhouse emissions and our dependence on dirty energy like coal and oil. Our blog will […]

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Biomethane Vs Natural Gas: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

This page is where you will find our comprehensive comparative analysis of biomethane versus natural gas, which demonstrates a huge prospect for rapid growth in biomethane output. Choosing the right energy source is a big problem for many people today. We all want something that is clean, affordable and does not harm our planet. Biomethane and […]

REPowerEU Strategy Plan YouTube Video.

REPowerEU Strategy Will Boost Biomethane from Biogas

A new EU wide plan known as the “REPowerEU Strategy” has become law. It will be a game changer for the European Biogas Industry and a massive boost for biomethane production from biogas which will drive the development of many more anaerobic digestion facilities across the European continent. REPowerEU is a European Commission initiative to […]

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Renewable Natural Gas RNG HGVs: America’s Shift to Eco-Friendly Trucking

On This Page Clean Energy Provides Grant Application Support for 168 Near Zero RNG Trucks Clean Energy to Supply Dallas Fort Worth International Airport with Renewable Natural Gas; DFW Becomes First Airport Outside California to Use Redeem™ RNG Truck Drivers Like Helping the Environment with Near-Zero RNG Trucks Truck Drivers Like the Performance of Near-Zero […]

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Pipeline Quality Gas and 3 Biomethane Gas to Grid Benefits

Pipeline Quality Gas (i. e. natural gas pipeline quality gas made from biogas) and the acceptance of biogas upgrading technology which purifies raw biogas to pipeline quality is the greatest success story of the anaerobic digestion industry of the last 10 years. Acceptance of their “pipeline quality gas” (i.e biomethane) by the natural gas network […]

Image says: "Biomethane Production in Sweden"

Biomethane Production: Sweden Leads with Schmack Carbotech Plant – Plus One in France

Biomethane Production in Sweden continues to lead in installed biomethane facilities just as it did when we first reported this in 2014. We said at the time that “Sweden’s leading role in bioenergy through biomethane production, with the world’s largest installed biogas upgrading capacity, is set to further pull ahead”. It did and now in 2022, […]

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Biomethane Producers Play for the Best Biofuel Market Prices

Like it or not, biogas and especially biomethane producers should always take a keen interest in Biofuel Market Prices. Here is a list of 3 reasons, from analysts Energy Census why playing a sales game with market analysts to help you, pays off. The Press Release below was first published in January 2018 but remains […]

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Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid – Biomethane Gas-Main Injection in England

Anaerobic digestion biomethane “gas to grid” (Biomethane Gas-Main Injection in England) has in the last 5 years become more popular for new biogas plant installations than the previous favourite of “electricity to grid” installations. We predict that this trend from “biogas generators” to “biogas upgraders” (producing high purity biomethane) will continue and that gas to […]

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Renewable Natural Gas Transport – Use of Biogas for Vehicle Fuel

There are many benefits in the use of renewable natural gas transport using biomethane from the anaerobic digestion process. Rather than deliberately extracting natural gas trapped in the ground, this green gas makes use of resources already present in our surroundings. RNG may be produced from current resources using advanced gas clean-up technology, resulting in […]

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