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Image text: "What was the RHI The UK Renewable Heat Incentive closed in 2022".

What was the RHI? The UK Renewable Heat Incentive that Closed in 2022

So, what was the RHI? “RHI UK” is shorthand for Renewable Heat Incentive, a government subsidy that closed in 2022. The UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI UK) was introduced to help kick-start the transition to low-carbon heating in the UK, giving help to all in moving from conventional forms of heating to low-carbon alternatives. Although […]

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Biogas Plant Grit Removal Systems to Extract Digester Grit and Silt from AD Plants

In this article, learn about the Biogas Plant Grit Removal Systems needed to extract digester grit and silt from AD Plant reactor tanks. On This Page: Why Biogas Plants Need Grit Removal Traditional Biogas Plants Lack Pretreatment for Grit Removal Grit Removal from Digester Output (Digestate) Options for De-gritting (Grit Removal) Upstream of Digester Tanks […]