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Design and Construction

A technician adjusts a biogas booster pump system in a state-of-the-art renewable energy facility, highlighting the advancements in sustainable energy production.

The Biogas Booster Pumps Guide

This is our independent Biogas Booster Pumps Guide: Unlock the full potential of your biogas system with a gas pressure booster pump. Learn how to select the perfect one for maximum efficiency in this latest blog post. Searching for a way to optimize your biogas system for profitable energy sales? Did you know, that the […]

THumbnail Image text: "Direct steam heating for Anaerobic Digestion".

Direct Steam Injection Heating for Anaerobic Digestion and High-Rate Biogas Production

Have you ever thought of maintaining a digester at the right heat level in temperate climates via Direct Steam Injection for Anaerobic Digestion and high-rate biogas production? Do you ever wonder how to make the anaerobic digestion process more efficient? Direct steam injection heating is, according to our sources, a game-changing method, offering an innovative solution […]

Featured Image with text: "WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants".

WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants: A Comprehensive Study

Are you struggling to optimise the performance of your biogas plant and unsure about which pump system to employ? The use of WANGEN pumps in such facilities has been transforming the process of anaerobic digestion globally for many years. This comprehensive study delves into how these advanced pieces of equipment efficiently convey viscous substrates, ensuring optimum production for biogas plants. […]

Featured imnage with the text: "Comparing Substrate Feed Systems".

Comparing Substrate Feed Systems for Biogas Plants: WANGEN PUMPEN BIO-MIX & Progressive Cavity Pumps vs. Other Systems

Efficient and cost-effective substrate feed systems are essential for biogas plants to maximize their operations, so we thought that we would compare the substrate feed systems for Biogas Plants. In this article, we conduct a detailed comparison between BIO-MIX technology using WANGEN PUMPEN Progressive Cavity Pumps with the other systems currently offered.   Introduction The […]

Featured image with text that says: "Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Tech".

Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Technology

Brewery Waste Management is a vital subject for the brewing industry. With wastewater treatment and disposal with energy now accounting for approximately 8% of expenditures for UK breweries, brewers must choose between constricted margins, passing costs on to customers, or both. Drink production in breweries, wineries, and distilleries presents special water and wastewater treatment issues. […]

Featured image with text: "Biogas Mixers: New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE!"

Biogas Mixers – New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE

Are you tired of struggling with outdated and inefficient biogas mixers/anaerobic digester mixing in your biogas plant? Imagine a solution that not only boosts your yields but also pretty much eliminates the headaches of repairs and downtime. Look no further, because Eco Verde Energy (EVE), a leading green energy services provider, has found the key […]

Guy & Wright were the first tomato digester in the biogas industry to take exhaust gas from a CHP and convert it into CO2 for glasshouses.

A Tomato Digester and How “Complete Idiots” Built It

A “tomato digester”, (a tomato grower’s greenhouse waste AD plant) and how “Complete Idiots” built it, is a story of success. How, from being, (in their own words) “idiots” grappling with biogas technology, they consistently applied the operating experience to plant improvement and expansion. And now, are at the point where AD provides a financially […]

Xergi biogas featured image

Xergi Biogas Plants – 5 Advanced Plant Construction Themes

The Xergi Biogas company, Denmark’s market-leading supplier of AD technology (2017) has been building a successful biogas business in the UK, and around the world, for over 10 years (2022). They have multiple anaerobic digestion plants now either operational or in construction. New Xergi biogas plants are announced every few months. As you can see from […]

Image text: "Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining".

Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining Essential to the AD Industry

Stay with us while we look at metal fabrication as a fundamental technology, one of the basics of precision machining and also essential to the AD Industry. This is one of our occasional articles in which we look at the basic foundations of current technology. Without modern metal fabrication techniques such as metal stamping services […]

Image text: "Climate Cahnge Adaptation for the Biogas Industry".

Adapt or Die – Climate Change Adaptation for the Biogas Industry

Adapt or Die is all about Climate Change Adaptation and it will be an essential part of government and business strategy across all industries including for anaerobic digestion and for the biogas industry. In all the discussions about climate change around COP26 what seems to have been forgotten is that our climate is changing and […]

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