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Anaerobic Digestion

Image tyext: "Landia GasMix is Cory Landfill Site digester".

Landia’s GasMix System Installed at Cory’s First Anaerobic Digestion Plant

Landia’s acclaimed GasMix System is at the heart of the biogas making process using anaerobic-digestion, at Cory Environmental. Cory, with over 40 sites are one of the UK’s leading recycling, waste management and energy recovery companies. In March 2014, Cory unveiled its first anaerobic digestion facility. it produces renewable energy to power local homes. Cory’s […]

Image text: "Brewdog brewery makes biogas from leftover grain".

Brewdog Brewery Makes Biogas from Leftover Grain But How is Brewdog Carbon Negative?

The Brewdog Brewery makes biogas from leftover grain and that helps fight climate change by producing renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and lowering global temperature rises. But, how is Brewdog’s business operation overall carbon negative? Let’s start with a definition: “Carbon negativity is achieved when a business or individual removes more carbon from the atmosphere […]

Image text: "UK Scheme to Support Green Gas".

Scheme to Support Green Gas Will Help Build New UK Biomethane Capacity Less than £5 to Annual Energy Bills

We explain how the UK scheme to support Green Gas will help build new UK Biomethane capacity at a cost to citizens of less than £5 to average Annual Energy Bills. It replaces the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). Why is the UK Government Supporting Green Gas? The aim of the UK’s Green Gas Support Scheme […]

Image text: "The Global Methane Pledge and Join COP26 livestream".

The Global Methane Pledge – Join Live-Streamed WBA COP26 Event This Wednesday

The Global Methane Pledge, announced already at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow last week will be a cornerstone of COP26’s success and the WBA wants to explain what it means and how it can be achieved. This is a subject the WBA knows all about. After all its members spend their life making […]

Image text: "Tanks for Anaerobic Digestion".

Tanks for Anaerobic Digestion

Today, we discuss the topic of anaerobic digestion tanks. On This Page: Small Home/ Domestic Biogas Digester Tanks Large Commercial Scale AD Tanks List of Anaerobic Digestion Tank Contractors Digester Tanks Must be Airtight Feeding the Biogas Plant for the First Time Fixed-dome Biogas Tank Bolted Steel Tank Designs Glass-fused Steel AD Tanks Types of […]

Image text: "Concrete vs steel biogas tanks".

Concrete vs Steel Biogas Tanks for Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Concrete vs steel biogas tanks and which is the best material for Anaerobic Digestion Plants is the subject of this page, based on a Press Release provided by the precast concrete manufacturer Whites Concrete. We refer to precast concrete units made and cured in the factory versus steel biogas tanks fabricated from mild steel panels […]

Image text: "UK Net Zero Strategy 2021 Undervalues Biogas Decarbonisation".

UK Net Zero Strategy 2021 Undervalues Biogas Decarbonisation

The UK government has published their UK Net Zero Strategy (2021) but it sadly underestimates the extent of the decarbonisation that full development of the UK biogas industry can provide. That’s the view of the UK’s anaerobic digestion industry association. So, let us give you the bigger picture before you read the press release provided […]

Image text: "What is Industrial Load Testing to Biogas Ops".

What is Industrial Load Testing?- What it Means to Biogas Plant Operators

In this article, we have set out to explain industrial load testing, and realise it or not, it means that Biogas Plant Operators have one less hazard and one less headache to worry about. Read on and find out how industrial load testing ensures that the heavy equipment used at anaerobic digestion facilities can stand […]

Image text: "Renewable Coal Biocoal made from biogas plant residues".

Renewable Coal (Biocoal) Using Non-Liquid Residue from Agricultural AD Plants

A process for the formation of “Renewable Coal” or “biocoal” (Renewable Natural Coal from the Waste Output of a Cattle/Agricultural based Biogas Plant) has been patented following research by Ankit Patil. Ankit is an entrepreneurial young scientist and former student of Vincent Palloti College of Engineering. He has a masters degree from St Petersburg Polytechnic […]

Image text: "stainless steel vs cast iron pumps".

Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron Pumps – Mixer and Pump Expert in Despair

A well-known mixer and pump expert is in despair after once again seeing a lack of appreciation of the superiority of stainless steel vs cast iron pumps, especially in anaerobic digestion. So much so that he has risked embarrassing pump sellers and specifiers by calling out their poor choice of materials in this crucial area. […]

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