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Anaerobic Digestion

Image text: "What is Industrial Load Testing to Biogas Ops".

What is Industrial Load Testing?- What it Means to Biogas Plant Operators

In this article, we have set out to explain industrial load testing, and realise it or not, it means that Biogas Plant Operators have one less hazard and one less headache to worry about. Read on and find out how industrial load testing ensures that the heavy equipment used at anaerobic digestion facilities can stand […]

Image text: "Renewable Coal Biocoal made from biogas plant residues".

Renewable Coal (Biocoal) Using Non-Liquid Residue from Agricultural AD Plants

A process for the formation of “Renewable Coal” or “biocoal” (Renewable Natural Coal from the Waste Output of a Cattle/Agricultural based Biogas Plant) has been patented following research by Ankit Patil. Ankit is an entrepreneurial young scientist and former student of Vincent Palloti College of Engineering. He has a masters degree from St Petersburg Polytechnic […]

Image text: "stainless steel vs cast iron pumps".

Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron Pumps – Mixer and Pump Expert in Despair

A well-known mixer and pump expert is in despair after once again seeing a lack of appreciation of the superiority of stainless steel vs cast iron pumps, especially in anaerobic digestion. So much so that he has risked embarrassing pump sellers and specifiers by calling out their poor choice of materials in this crucial area. […]

Image text: "US Dairy Farm Anaerobic Digestion".

US Dairy Farm Anaerobic Digestion – Rare US Vanderhaak Farm Case Study

US Dairy Farm Anaerobic Digestion is growing again. Anaerobic digesters are being utilised by certain US dairy farms and animal businesses to generate biogas and fertilizer from their manure. Some even create bedding material for their stock from the fibrous digestate output. They accomplish this by enclosing their manure holding ponds (also known as manure […]

Image text: "Value of Biogas for Decarbonization Recognised".

Value of Biogas for Decarbonization Recognized – WBA COP26 Blue Zone Presence Announced

In a stunning move, the value of biogas for global decarbonization has been recognized by COP26 organizers. The WBA has beaten many other applicants to have a stand in the “inner circle” called the “Blue Zone” at COP26. That bodes well for a high COP26 profile for anaerobic digestion and biogas and the truly beneficial […]

Image text: "Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid".

Anaerobic Digestion Gas to Grid – Biomethane Gas-Main Injection in England

Anaerobic digestion biomethane “gas to grid” (Biomethane Gas-Main Injection in England) has in the last 5 years become more popular for new biogas plant installations than the previous favourite of “electricity to grid” installations. We predict that this trend from “biogas generators” to “biogas upgraders” (producing high purity biomethane) will continue and that gas to […]

Image text: "Electricity Demand Response explained".

Electricity Demand Response Can Raise Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Profitability

Electricity Demand Response (EDR) technology which enables energy producers to vary the unit price they charge and pay for their electricity according to supply and demand is here to stay. The Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Industry is well-placed to benefit from EDR technology. It can raise the profitability of these plants. AD and biogas plants […]

Image text: "Digestate drying"

Digestate Drying – Does It Make Sense Environmentally and Economically?

Digestate drying might seem like a great way to make a natural/ sustainable fertiliser product but think of the large heat demand to dry such a high water content material (at often 90% water)… It has to be asked: “Does It make sense environmentally and economically to evaporate it until dry”? Digestate is a type […]

Image text: "Digestate separation trailers".

Digestate Separation Trailers and a New Breed of Contracting Businesses

Leading digestate separator manufacturer Borger UK hires out digestate separation trailers and is regularly visiting biogas plants in the UK to provide a digestate separation service for stored biogas plant output. This business is growing as UK agricultural and food waste biogas plants multiply. According to the trade association for the biogas industry (ADBA), there […]

Image text: "Designing a Biogas Plant 5 Things You Should Know".

5 Things You Should Know Before Designing a Biogas Plant

We sat down and wrote this article on “5 things you should know before designing a Biogas Plant” to help our readers to create the best biogas plant design in 2015. Six years later, we looked back, and we think this information is still relevant and useful. (But, we have added some additional hints and […]

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