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Anaerobic Digestion

Image text: "ADBA Calls for Ban on Russian Natural Gas Imports".

ADBA Calls for Ban on Russian Natural Gas Imports

The UK could ban Russian Natural Gas Imports and the gas demand could be directly replaced with home-grown biomethane within the next four years. Isn’t it time to stop talking about what can be done to halt Putin, and take action? Read the Press Release below and provide a comment if you support this view: […]

Image text: "Biogas digester cost and farm fertiliser savings".

Biogas Digester Cost and Amazing Farm Fertiliser Savings

Stay on this page if you want our views on biogas digester cost and to see a case study on the dramatic fertiliser cost savings which were the result of fitting a new mixer system designed to raise the profitability of AD plants. How much does it cost to build a biogas plant? Biogas plant […]

Image text: "Climate Cahnge Adaptation for the Biogas Industry".

Adapt or Die – Climate Change Adaptation for the Biogas Industry

Adapt or Die is all about Climate Change Adaptation and it will be an essential part of government and business strategy across all industries including for anaerobic digestion and for the biogas industry. In all the discussions about climate change around COP26 what seems to have been forgotten is that our climate is changing and […]

Image text: "Veolia and Anaerobic Digestion - Global Waste Company Embraces Anaerobic Digestion".

Veolia and Anaerobic Digestion – Global Waste Company Embraces Circularity

In this article, we look at how Veolia and anaerobic digestion (AD) are progressing together, as an example of how one global waste company is building their investment in biogas technology as it embraces circularity across the business. This post is a compilation of our research, based upon the information provided by the company across […]

Image is an example of a Stallkamp large stainless steel tank for wastewater treatment.

Large Stainless Steel Tanks with Long Design Life for Wastewater Treatment

We were impressed to read the Press Release which is included below, about a German company (Stallkamp) that provides large stainless steel tanks with one of the longest design-life expectancies on the market, for Wastewater Treatment. As wastewater treatment and AD systems designers in the past, we have at times found it practically impossible to […]

Image shows the functions of biogas plant

The True Function of a Biogas Plant | Benefits Listed by Real Farmers

Answering the question of the function of biogas plants. Many people new to the industry would say that the true function of a Biogas Plant is surely simply to make biogas… Full stop! end of discussion. And yet, this would be at odds with the long list of other AD Plant benefits invariably listed by […]

Image text says: "Anaerobic Digestion in Scotland".

Anaerobic Digestion in Scotland Key to Sustainable Scottish Energy Strategy

Anaerobic Digestion in Scotland is seen by policymakers as being the key to a sustainable Scottish Energy Strategy. 100% renewable energy from the digestion of biodegradable waste helps tackle climate change, instead of contributing to climate change through landfilling and incineration.  This energy output helps cut fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are […]

Image text: "World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022 postponed".

World Biogas Summit and Expo Date Change to June 2022

The organisers of the World Biogas Summit and the co-located World Biogas Expo have been forced by covid concerns to postpone their exhibition and conference from this March to June. Press release 18 January 2022: Global biogas events at NEC Birmingham, UK, postponed from March to June 2022 The World Biogas Summit and co-located World […]

Image text: "Get a Higher Price for Biogas from Waste with RGGOs".

Get a Higher Price for Biogas from Waste with Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)

Biogas plant owners can now get a higher price for biogas or biomethane made from waste organics (biowaste) than for biogas or biomethane which uses food crops in their feedstock. Argus, one of the world’s top energy and commodity intelligence companies, has just released prices for biomethane guarantees of origin. Biomethane can be used as […]

Anaerobic Digestion in US

Anaerobic Digestion in US – A Large Biogas Opportunity

The development of Anaerobic Digestion in the US states-wide is progressing more rapidly today than at any other time. The nation is beginning to realise that it is sitting on a very large Biogas Plant development and climate change emissions reduction opportunity! That much is undeniable. We set out to find out what the US […]

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