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Anaerobic Digestion

Image text: "Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply the Global Anaerobic Digestion Market".

Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply Global Anaerobic Digestion Market

Anaerobic digestion process (AD or biogas) pumps, frequently known simply as AD Pumps, are supplied by Landia globally and used at various stages of the biogas production process; Liquid manure pumps are used at the start in livestock farm digesters, followed by Digester pumps are used where the collected waste is transferred to the digester, […]

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Biogas Information – (Biogas-Info) – The “Official” UK Anaerobic Digestion Information Portal

The Biogas Info website was created in 2009 as an independent authoritative resource on all things AD. The creation of the site was supported byte UK Government and industry. The site was developed and is maintained by NNFCC. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the breakdown of organic material by micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen. AD […]

Biogas Importance featured image.

The Importance of Biogas to Big Cities and Rural Villages

Biogas is an important technology being, as it is, produced by the natural anaerobic digestion process. So, we decided to write about the importance of biogas to life in a Big City and also the importance of biogas to Rural Villages (Scroll down). But before you do that read on for a more general discussion: […]

Image text: "Are Anaerobic Digesters Truly Green".

Are Anaerobic Digesters Truly Green and How Do They Work?

Anaerobic digesters are a popular alternative energy technology and their use is growing, but are they as green as their promoters would suggest? In order to discuss this, we also include information on how they work as the claims of climate reduction are really quite remarkable and need detailed explanation in order for our readers […]

Image text: "List of Anaerobic Digestion Training Course Providers".

List of Anaerobic Digestion Training Course Providers

The demand for Anaerobic Digestion Training is growing as the number of commercial anaerobic digestion plants increases. In this article, we provide a list of some of the courses in biogas plants and their operation currently being offered. We are sure there must be many more. If when you read this, you know of more, […]

Image text: "How to Use Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture".

How to Use Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture

It’s not plain sailing to use digestate in agriculture, so we thought that we would explain how one farm uses their digestate in their agricultural business in the UK. Using Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture Anaerobic digestion is a controlled biological process using biodegradable materials such as food waste and animal manures, to […]

Featured image for: "3 Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Case Studies".

3 Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Case Studies

These three anaerobic sludge digestion case studies explain how water utility companies are embracing the anaerobic digestion process as their method of choice for the treatment of the vast quantities of solid sludge materials which they aerate and settle out of the sewage entering their sewage works every day. While doing that they produce a […]

Image text: "What is Biogas? An Introduction".

What is Biogas? An Introduction to a Sustainable Energy Source

In another article in our series on “What is Biogas?”, we provide an introduction to this gas as a sustainable energy source. What is biogas? A Definition Biogas is the methane-rich bacterial waste product of the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biogas is a renewable energy source that is produced […]

Image Text: How to Improve Sewage Sludge Treatment

How to Improve Sewage Sludge Treatment – A Water Industry AD Plant Performance Review

Anaerobic digestion has been shown to be the best technology for treating wastewater from sewage systems globally and is increasingly being used in sewage treatment. The properties of sludge can be modified during anaerobic digestion and produce biogas as a result of the treatment, as well as several positive effects on sludge management. Anaerobic digestion […]

Image text: "Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining".

Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining Essential to the AD Industry

Stay with us while we look at metal fabrication as a fundamental technology, one of the basics of precision machining and also essential to the AD Industry. This is one of our occasional articles in which we look at the basic foundations of current technology. Without modern metal fabrication techniques such as metal stamping services […]

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