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Anaerobic Digestion

Costs of Anaerobic Digestion

Costs of Anaerobic Digestion – Capital Cost per Cow Plus Electricity and Gate Fee Income

The Costs of Anaerobic Digestion are of course what everyone thinking of embarking upon a biogas project wants to know. At the same time very few AD Plant owners and contractors give out their costs to a general audience. Finding costs and income data is rare. That’s understandable due to the commercially sensitive nature of […]

explosion risk assessment

Anaerobic Digester Plant Explosion Blamed on Gas Storage Membrane Failure

Any anaerobic digester plant explosion is one too many. Nobody was hurt by this biogas explosion, thankfully. However, the following news does serve to emphasize that very real risks exist in anaerobic digestion. A little bit of gas in air will burn and not explode, equally a methane filled space containing no oxygen will not […]