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Biogas UK – Companies, Quotes, Comments and Views

Biogas UK featured image.
Biogas UK

Biogas UK is often used as a shorthand search for companies that provide services in connection with biogas plant construction, and operation.

In this article we have brought together a collection quotes from the companies comments and views we have found about biogas UK. We are unashamedly trying to provide this information to satisfy the widest possible audience.

If you didn't find what you were looking for when you came to this page, please tell us in the comments, and we will do our best to follow-up on your requests.

Companies that jump out as promoting biogas in the UK by including the term in the names and websites, and offering services are:

Biogas UK Quotes

“As well as building new biogas plants, EnviTec Biogas UK is expanding its dedicated service team in line with the continued growth of the business. With a total of five employees, the biogas all-rounder, EnviTec Biogas UK is located in Rugeley, Staffordshire. The company is installing a biogas plant for a dairy being built by Stowell Farms in Wiltshire, UK, making use of the farms cow slurry. EnviTec is a market leader in the design, manufacture, supply and servicing of AD plant. EnviTec Biogas UK [was]… formed between ARM Buildings and EnviTec Biogas AG and [is] based at Rugeley, Staffordshire. ”

“Schmack Biogas UK is a subsidiary of Schmack Biogas GmbH, which in turn has been part of the Viessmann Group since 2010. The company is nearing completion on an anaerobic digester that will produce biomethane for grid injection from a combination of agricultural organic wastes and energy crops on the Isle of Wight, just off England's south coast. Together with its project partner Wight Farm Energy LLP, [it's] the first ever biogas plant on the Isle of Wight.”

“Biogas UK is the premier meeting place for companies within the AD and Biogas industry looking to grow their market share in the UK, gain insight into the latest regulation, and understand the financing, growth and development of AD and biomethane gas-to-grid projects in the UK. [It] focuses on practical information about biogas development and operations including sessions on regulation, investment and technical project development skills. ”

“In Great Britain PlanET Biogas UK is about to accomplish the 19th AD plant with a totally installed power of 10. … the majority holding in PlanET Biogas UK will give Singleton Birch further reach in the renewables market. planet biogas uk has been contracted to supply anaerobic digestion technology to a 500kw plant in shropshire, england that will be fed by cattle manure from surrounding farms. ”

“Featuring case studies of successful projects from around the UK, including the UK's first biomethane gas-to-grid project and Severn Trent's Minworth project, Biogas UK will have a strong focus on investment in AD projects and where the future lies for commercial development of biomethane gas-to-grid projects in the UK.”

A Comment on the Health of the UK Biogas Industry

“The UK Biogas industry is experiencing considerable growth and has expanded seven-fold since 2010 according to the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA).”

With further investment the UK Biogas industry can not only keep growing. But, unfortunately, as the UK biogas industry is expanding it is also beginning to hit trouble with odours and pollution, and at the root of that concern lies the fact that inexperienced AD plant operators can easily make serious mistakes. Mistakes such as these can damage the entire AD and biogas/ biomethane industry.

To endeavour to drastically reduce biogas plant operating errors causing trouble with such as with odours and pollution, the AD industry has been working to provide accredited training for plant operators.

In the first six months of 2017, the steering group concentrated its efforts on the creation of a certification scheme to support plant owners and demonstrate that the UK biogas industry is adhering to particularly high standards in the installation of biogas plants.

In late 2017, ADBA helped launch a new Biogas Plant Operator Certification Scheme for the United Kingdom, and subsequently a number of UK biogas plant operators have been trained and certified as complying with industry best practice at the AD plants. There is a reasonable expectation that the costs spent in obtaining training and certification will be more than recouped by lower insurance costs for AD Certification scheme members.

So, there is every expectation that further investment the UK Biogas industry can not only continue without damage from bad publicity, and in so doing will help the UK government to meet the UK's energy security, food security and greenhouse gas goals.


Biogas UK as an industry is, like many others in late 2018, suffering from low investor confidence while the nation waits for Brexit details to be resolved. Nevertheless, 2018 looks set to see more United Kingdom anaerobic digestion, biogas and especially biomethane plants completed.

In addition, government policy will surely have to be more positive toward the industry than it has been in recent years because the advantages offered by anaerobic digestion and biogas fuel use to reduce air-pollution, and to meet climate change objectives are uniquely capable of supporting their policies.

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